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Become a part of The Music Tent

This is a team initiative and we would love to have you partner with us in your capacity.

Violin Practice

Teach with us

We are looking for musicians, volunteers, anyone interested to do project with us. We encourage teachers who would like to work with kids with special needs. Do write to us or reach out to us if you'd like to be a part of our teachers team.

Person working on a laptop

Intern with us

If you're a student and would love to get an internship with experience in teaching, in admin work, working with kids with special needs and even managerial role, do write to us or reach out to us if you'd like to intern with The Music Tent.

Charity Support

Partner with us

Partner with us by taking Music Tent to your locality. There are other ways you can volunteer as a parent or our well wisher by being a part of the music tent expansion program and help us to cater a student with special needs. Contact us to know how.

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