Why Musical Education? 

Studies have shown that learning to play a musical instrument helps to promote brain development and also facilitates skill acquisition. Our Music school teaches Piano, Bongo, Cabasa, Guitar, Keyboard, Ukulele and Vocals. In brief, they contribute to increasing attention span, memory and other cognitive factors such as timing and rhythm.


Why we started in the first place?

The idea of starting an inclusive music school evolved/ originated from a personal experience of our associate director whose brother was diagnosed with a Learning Disability. This life-changing situation persuaded her to pursue her master's in clinical psychology and she has been working with children with special needs for the past 7 years.

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Our Founders

Mr. David Asher

Director, The Music Tent

A proficient musician who's in the field of music for more than 24 years, involving in music professionally over 16 years in teaching schools and an entrepreneur in building music institutions and skilled in music production.

Mrs. Jejoy David

Co-Director, The Music Tent

A master at clinical psychology who's highly experienced in associating with  special children. Her expertise in this field makes our mission fruitful and more efficient.

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Music Class